C2iCertificat Informatique et Internet
C2IColloque Interdisciplinaire en Instrumentation
C2ICommand, Control, & Intelligence
C2ICentre for Computational Intelligence (Singapore)
C2ICar-to-Infrastructure (telematics engineering)
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As part of the first migration step, the so-called migration segment sets the starting point for the stationary component of the future C2I system.
The following measures are required for migrating the C2I systems:
Consolidation of requirements of current C2I systems while applying the approach described above;
Definition of the performance specifications for the first common components of the future C2I system;
Organizational pooling of Bundeswehr IT Office personnel to provide support during planning and in-service use of the C2I system;
These measures are the foundation of the specific configurations of a common, modular, flexible, scalable and configurable future C2I system.
This enables the user to access--in accordance with the established role and authorization policies--throughout the communications network the required services via the command and control information systems, support information systems (formerly management information systems) and C2I and weapons control systems.
Option 2, for the extended user community, is available to users who do not qualify as members of the C2I community but want to be interoperable with the CJMTK community at their own expense.
The C2I community has already capitalized on the advantages of the CJMTK, fielding over 235 mission-approved applications.
The Air Force Portable Flight Planning System and Joint Mission Planning System are integrating CJMTK to provide the capabilities of an advanced geographic information system to the C2I mission-planning community.
By distributing data-access and map-production capabilities to existing C2I systems, Joint WebCOP reduces the processing performed on its server.
Although NGA funds the CJMTK program, the Agency is not qualified as a user due to the fact that CJMTK is for the exclusive use of the C2I community.