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C2PCommand & Control Processor
C2PCpu to Pci
C2PChunky to Planar (computer format conversion)
C2PCircuit To Packet (Lucent)
C2PCommand and Control Protection (US DoD)
C2PComputer-to-Plate (printing)
C2PConsumer to Producer
C2PConcept to Production
C2PConstruction-to-Permanent (home purchase financing)
C2PCommunity to People (micro credit)
C2PContract to Permanent
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According to the company, the clinical studies of the C2P will be conducted at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center Downey, CA under Drs Evgeniy Kreydin and David Ginsberg, the University of California, San Diego, San Diego, CA under Drs Yahir Santiago-Lastra and Michael Albo as well as MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital, Washington, D.C.
En el borde inferior de C2: el punto mas posterior C2p, el mas anterior C2a y el mas profundo a nivel de la concavidad C2d.
C2P also offers added convenience to its customers who can use their 11-digit mobile number for online purchases at the checkout page instead of the usual 16-digit credit card number.
NGC2P is managed by PEO C4I's Command and Control Program Office (PMW 150), which oversees pre-planned product improvement of the C2P. The function of NGC2P is to enable platforms to accurately process and exchange tactical data with Navy, joint and coalition forces over any combination of TDLs to achieve a common tactical picture.
The macrosystem of the C2P project is represented by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as the funder for this initiative.
La tierra eramos nosotros (TEN), al pie de la ciudad (PC), El dia senalado (DS), Aire de tango (AT), Tarde de verano (TV), La casa de las dos palmas (C2P), Los invocados (INV).
In what's known as construction-to-permanent (C2P) financing, buyers get a construction loan to build a house, and when the place is complete, the loan converts to a permanent mortgage.
The DoD added, Ultra Electronics is the sole designer and developer of the software and technology used in the AP MLIU in conjunction with the legacy Command and Control Processor (C2P) family of systems.
Dubbed as Charge2Phone (C2P), the new service developed with Smart Communications aims to make online shopping easier for millions of Filipinos.
A unit of the company, Smart e-Money Inc has partnered with Citi Philippines and Visa to offer the solution, Charge2Phone (C2P), to consumers in the nation.
The legal data team track changes in environmental legislation at a country, state and city level across the globe, while C2P allows companies to better control the audit process and benefit from the advantages of being ISO compliant.