C2PCCommand and Control Personal Computer
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C2PC provides a common tactical picture for operational command and control, improving situational awareness and enhancing operational and tactical decision making.
The process results in daily fragmentary orders published through the C4ISR cell and reconnaissance and surveillance plans and situational overlays for C2PC to enhance decisionmaking capabilities for all missions.
It can also serve as a data interchange tool between ABCS and C2PC.
The MMC converts the position data from its native format into the Joint Blue Force Situation Message Translator Format, then forwards the data to the USAREUR designated COP where the data can be viewed using C2PC.
Harris, working with Northrop Grumman in the United Kingdom, has created a customized version of the globally deployed Northrop Grumman C2PC Tactical C2 System that provides situational awareness via Harris Falcon II radios.
In addition to C2PC, V Corps also used a system called Falcon View[TM], which provides two-dimensional (2-D) and three-dimensional (3-D) terrain visualization capabilities.
C2PC is a client application that displays tactical track data from a UNIX-based Tactical Database Manager (TDBM) data server.
Integrating with standard applications such as C2PC and FalconView demonstrate EarthWhere as a true middleware tool for the DoD environment.
One example of a major subordinate command using this information during operations was when the C2PC hazard overlay was used as part of the mission analysis for installing an Inland Petroleum Distribution System (IPDS) (see Engineer, July-September 2003, page 13.
Due to the compatibility with C2PC (though the brigade doesn't maintain C2PC organically) and other map/graphical software extensions several sections have added software to the "Light" platform, for example Falcon View.