C2PCCommand and Control Pc
C2PCCommand and Control Personal Computer
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The process results in daily fragmentary orders published through the C4ISR cell and reconnaissance and surveillance plans and situational overlays for C2PC to enhance decisionmaking capabilities for all missions.
It can also serve as a data interchange tool between ABCS and C2PC.
The MMC converts the position data from its native format into the Joint Blue Force Situation Message Translator Format, then forwards the data to the USAREUR designated COP where the data can be viewed using C2PC.
The EarthWhere integration will enable USSOCOM users to quickly and easily locate and display the Compressed Arc Digitized Raster Graphic (CADRG), Controlled Image Base (CIB) and Raster Product Formats (RPF) datasets within C2PC and FalconView applications to support situational awareness and the common operational picture.
Upon delivery, the database would not merge with other databases, nor would it export to C2PC.
Due to the compatibility with C2PC (though the brigade doesn't maintain C2PC organically) and other map/graphical software extensions several sections have added software to the "Light" platform, for example Falcon View.
The Advanced Deep Operations Command and Control System (ADOCS), another popular GOTS battle command system (see Figure 3), can be used to ingest shape files from the DTSS and export MGC files to C2PC.
One day we were looking at the command and control system and said 'Doesn't C2PC (Command, Control, Personal Computer) do this?
C2PC is considered a partner system with GCCS-A for the way it reads from the GCCS databases and displays the terrain and an integrated blue-red picture, said MAJ Scott.
However, the graphics can't be shared between the systems without manually converting them since the file formats for Falcon View and C2PC are incompatible--as are the file formats being used by our terrain analysts.