C2RMFCenter for Research and Restoration of Museums of France
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The build-up of varnish had as if flattened out the painting," said Pierre Curie, head of paintings at the C2RMF.
We are excited to be working with the top researchers at the C2RMF and continuing to develop the art restoration and conservation market.
C2RMF also carries out extensive scientific studies and data recording for these collections, and is active both nationally and internationally in the field of cultural heritage conservation and analysis.
The Arius3D Foundation System will enable the C2RMF team in Paris to apply this technology to some of the most important cultural and historical objects in France.
In order to verify the authenticity of the date, the sur face of the enamel was analysed by means of beams of ions with PIXE and PIGME metals (respectively, particle-induced x and gamma rays) using the AGLAE accelerator at the C2RMF.
The basis of this paper is the elemental characterisation of 58 obsidian artefacts from ECN Catalhoyuk, of which 40 (together with geological samples from various Anatolian sources), were characterised by partide induced x-ray emission (PIXE) at the Accelerateur Grand Louvre pour Analyses Elementaires facility of C2RMF, the remaining 18 being analysed by energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence (EDX1LF) spectrometer at UC Berkdey's Archaeological XRF Lab.