C2VCommand and Control Vehicle
C2VConcept to Volume (Netherlands)
C2VCurrent-to-Voltage (converter)
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(42.) Other shows with only or primarily punctuation and the order in which they are written to indicate timing include Antonio's Revenge, C3r; 1 If You Know Not Me, Dlv; Christian Turn'd Turk, Hlv; Brazen Age, C2v; Silver Age, C2v.
The fourth show also emphasizes the Tower's connection to the monarch through epithets in Bellona's speech, such as "Imperiall Fort" and "Royall Fort" (C2v).
The optimized structure of malealdehyde (cis) and fumaraldehyde (trans) has C2V and C2h point group respectively in the gas and different solution phases.
In the early 1990s the US Army was fielding numerous M1068 SICP (Standard Integrated Command Post) in the A2 variant, a version of the M577A2, and then decided to acquire more modern command posts with the M4 C2V (Command and Control Vehicle), based on the chassis of the MLRS rocket launcher, itself a derivative of the M2 Bradley chassis.
The C2V was intended to serve as the "hub" for battlefield command and control.
(C2v) He the whiche it [he passion] enprenteth in his herte is hardy and prest to fyght with the deuyll of hell ...
(C2V), a specialist in MEMS and integrated optics technologies, was launched in the late 1990s after being spun off from MESA+ Institute of Nanotechnology at the Universiteit Twente in the Netherlands, another Europractice collaborator.
That vehicle, called the C2V, is built on a Bradley chassis.
C2v. Upon being dubbed "gentleman" by Crispin and Crispianus, one shoemaker responds, "Gentlemen, we are good fellowes no Gent.
To be delivered are 40 engineering development models and 220 ruggedized, 2-channel prototypes for testing under field conditions, Requirements for the latter include the ability to mount the radios in vehicles, such as HMMWV variants, the M1068 tracked command post and the M4 C2V command vehicle.