C2WCommand and Control Warfare (US DoD)
C2WChip-to-Wafer (computer chip design)
C2WClimate-to-Weather Disaggregator (climatology)
C2WChemisch 2 Weekblad (Dutch chemistry journal)
C2WChrist to the World Ministries, Inc. (est. 1991; Morley, MO)
C2WCreated 2 Worship (Christian music group)
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C2W Consulting said talks were taking place with SIC to ensure "ease of transport" for ferries in the harbour area but it was "currently manageable".
Employees are often not sure of what to do, however, so C2W provides them with current, validated, and useful information, creating win-win scenarios for all concerned.
Being able to produce data illustrating the C2W program's impact on the city's health insurance claims has been vital.
For 2014, the fourth year of C2W, the city combined the basic structure from the first year with additional program enhancements.
Health risk assessments and annual physicals have always been an essential component of the C2W program.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff published the Memorandum of Policy (MOP) 30 in March 1993, defining and establishing guidelines for Command and Control Warfare, or C2W, which is perhaps best understood as the "strategy that implements IW on the battlefield." This is IWOs basic building block, its foundation in a sense, and it incorporates a range of operations the military understands quite well.
The five elements or pillars of C2W are Psychological Operations (PSYOP), Operational Security (OPSEC), Deception, Electronic Warfare (EW), and physical destruction of vital C2 nodes.
The fundamental intent of MOP 30 (rescinded in early 1997) and now Joint Pub 3-13.1, "Joint Doctrine for C2W," is to break down the stovepipes and integrate the various elements of C2W so that their synergies and relationships can be magnified.
One of the hallmarks of C2W is that it can be conducted in any or all of the different warfighting environments--land, sea, air, outer space, even cyberspace--by any or all of the military services.
The Unified Commands are jointness personified, as is the organization charged with supporting their IW/C2W efforts, the Joint C2W Center (JC2WC, or "jake-wick"), collocated with the Air Force Information Warfare Center at Kelly AFB.