C2BConsumer to Business (consumers naming their price for various products or services)
C2BClient to Business
C2BCustomer to Business
C2BCreativity to Business (Germany)
C2BCorporate-to-Bank (communications)
C2BClassroom to Boardroom
C2BConsulting to Business
C2BCommand and Control Battlelab
C2BCaterpillar to Butterfly
C2BCommerce to Business
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The key driver of C2B market in these cities is the willingness to buy high-end models, shorter replacement lifecycle, low pocket size buyers, brand attraction etc.
c2b Horizons provides statistically based consumer profiling techniques for healthcare payers and providers.
The margin decline from prior year is primarily due to increases in C2C retail commission rates, higher compliance expenses, and C2B mix, partially offset by benefits from cost savings initiatives and lower integration costs.
First, the C2B model will be one where interactions are personalized based on consumer presence and preferences.
C2a y C2b (causas de segundo orden): sustancias quimicas Neocina o Licaina.
Kane Magnetics, which has bases in the US and UK, acquired C2B Magnets, located at Auxonne, a town south-east of Dijon in eastern France, by buying it from the firm's parent, Groupe PSB Industries, a public company with headquarters at Annecy.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 13, 2015-TextRequest introduces C2B text messaging
0m one-time charge related to the acquisition of C2B Technologies, compared with $4.
Tenders are invited for Provn Of Certain Rev Works And Provn Of Covered Drain In Certain Places Of Zone C2a And C2b And Addn/Altn To Bldg No Np-1 (Robert Line) Under Ge (E) Mathura
Also in September Inktomi bought C2B Technologies, a developer of online shopping software.
Tenders are invited for Annual Maintenance Contract Of Gym Equipment In Multi-Gym At Fitness Centre At Dwarka Sports Complex, A1b Janakpuri, C2b Janakpuri And Bindapur Under Dsc