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C2H4Ethene (chemistry)
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Gas samples (1 mL) were then withdrawn from the glass tube head space and concentrations of C2H4 were determined by gas chromatography (Shimadzu-4600, Japan).
The lower illustration shows how a lead (Pb) atom and an ethylene molecule (C2H4) might nestle among the orderly surface rows of copper.
Ding, "Theoretical investigation on the healing mechanism of divacancy defect in CNT growth by C2H2 and C2H4," Journal of Molecular Modeling, vol.
C2H4 gas was collected by withdrawing 1 cm3 gas samples from the head space of the flask above the soil with a gas tight glass hypodermic syringe.
Conversion of C2H2 to ethylene (C2H4) was recorded through a gas chromatograph (Thermoquest, Trace GC, Model K, Rodono Milan, Italy) equipped with a Porapak N column (2 mm A- 2 m) and a flame ionization detector (FID).
Ethylene (C2H4): An olefinic hydrocarbon recovere from refinery or petrochemical processes, which is gaseous at standard temperature and pressure.
Application of the photoacoustic spectroscopy in the monitoring emission of C2H4 and C[O.sub.2] in passion fruit stored under different atmospheres.
Soil compaction effects on soybean nodulation, N2(C2H4) fixation and seed yield.