C3FCommander Third Fleet
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The new combined company adopts the C3F Telecom Inc.
His-tagged C3f peptide ([His.sub.6]-C3f_[S.sub.1304]-[R.sub.1320][His.sub.6]), synthesized with 95% purity by GL Biochem, was used at a final concentration of 100 [micro]mol/L for this assay.
"V65 and C3f, as well as the remaining unidentified protein at m/z 3762, increased with increasing radiographic severity of OA and therefore are potential markers of disease stage," the investigators wrote.
In other words, the C3F staff trains our maritime force, and upon completion of the mandatory exercises, the commanders and their strike groups are certified as 'ready for deployment.' The CSGs/ESGs will be ready to operate in both the Pacific and Middle East depending on the needs of the combatant commanders and the Joint Staff.
C3F stressed C4I reliability across all spectrums during the RIMPAC planning process and made the number one C4I goal to develop the Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System (CENTRIXS) in order to "strive for seamless, uninterrupted connectivity for all RIMPAC participants at sea and ashore." Commander, Cruiser Destroyer Group FIVE (CCDG-5) was chosen as the Commander, Combined Forces Air Component Com-mander (CFACC) to run the Coalition Air Operations Center (CAOC).
On hand for the celebration was, from left, CAPT Dave Watt; Retired RADM Dan Stone; VADM Richard Hunt, C3F; Retired CAPT Tom Billings, the oldest Supply Corps officer present; ENS Jason Ray, the youngest; RADM Mike Lyden, Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command and Chief of Supply Corps; Retired RDML Marty Brown; and RADM Mark Heinrich, Commander, Fleet and Industrial Supply Centers.
The HQ 120 unit also fulfills a key coordination role over other "sister" PACFLT Reserve logistics units: CLWP, C3F and C7F units, and the CNLFK units.
It is chaired by the CPF N4 and manned with representatives from functional logistics support organizations to include Commander Pacific Fleet (CPF) LRC; Commander, Seventh Fleet (C7F) LRC; Commander, Third Fleet (C3F) LRC; Naval Supply Systems Command Code 04 (NAVSUP 04); Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Pearl Harbor (FISCPH), Hawaii; Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Yokosuka (FISCY), Japan; Naval Operational Logistics Support Center (NOLSC), Norfolk, Va.; and Commander, Task Force Seven Three (CTF 73).
An earlier study used SELDI with gold chips to analyze the sera of patients with myocardial infarction and found several peaks from the C3f portion of the complement Cab [alpha] chain, [alpha]-fibrinogen peptide A, and peptides arising from these by progressive N-terminal deletion (24).
3rd Fleet (C3F), was the Combined Task Force commander responsible to CPF for overall exercise coordination.
"Our FLS plan was approved by C3F N4 [Logistics, Fleet Supply and Ordnance] and support personnel from participating RIMPAC nations were identified to carry out the plan," said Lookabill.