C3FCommander Third Fleet
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The new combined company adopts the C3F Telecom Inc.
Costello: Currently, the C3F staff is preparing for the RIMPAC exercise scheduled this summer off the coast of Hawaii.
CFACC staff and CAOC watchstanders included members of the C3F and CCDG-5 staffs, U.
The TBMCS server and client machines were provided by C3F and the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR).
However, because of the efforts of CFACC, C3F, CPF and SPAWAR personnel, military and civilian alike, interoperability was established before the first operational week of the exercise ended.
The move to C3F has become a mutually rewarding change.
For dedicated air logistics support, C3F N4 employed HELSEACOMBATRON Eight Five (HSC-85) stationed at Naval Air Station North Island, Calif.
C3F N4 was successful in flexing CPF's classified web tool Logistics Common Operational Picture (LOGCOP), which provides an all-encompassing near real-time logistics snapshot of both military afloat and ashore units as well as supporting commercial infrastructure.
In a deliberate effort to "train as we fight," the FISCPH LSC leadership worked with C3F N4 to design and develop the RIMPAC logistics pipeline to closely emulate the U.
RIMPAC logistics support was directed by the C3F N4 team of Capt.