C3HCoumarate 3 Hydroxylase
C3HCollected 3 Hours (pharmacology)
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CD4+CD25- T cells isolated from the C3H mice were co-cultured with 35 Gy-irradiated splenocytes from TGF-[beta][1.sup.+/-] KO (B6 background) mice (as the control).
To test this possibility, we treated three additional, commonly-used inbred mouse strains with glimepiride (8 mg/kg/day) for two weeks: C57Bl/6N (a related substrain without the susceptibility to diabetes [20]), BalbC, and C3H mice.
We used five strains, namely, NSY [9,10,14,17, 18], C3H/HeNcrj (C3H), consomic [C3H-14.sup.NSY] (R0) [16], congenic R1, and R2 mice [19].
(2011) Effect of phaleria macrocarpa supplementation on apoptosis and tumor growth of C3H mice with breast cancer under treatment with adriamycin-cyclophosphamide.
Female 6-week-old C3H and ICR/CD-1 mice were obtained from Charles River Laboratories (Charles River Lab, MA).
Jumonji, 1.3% AUX/IAA, 1.3% C3H, 5.8% bHLH, 5.5% HB, 4.3% Orphans, 4.2% MYB, 4.2% MYB-related, 4.1% C2H2, 4.1% AP2-EREBP, 3.9% WRKY, 3.3% NAC, 3.1% bZIP, 2.6% GRAS, 2.2% FAR1, 2.1% CCAAT, 1.8% MADS, 1.6% mTERF, 1.6% G2-like, 1.6% ABI3VP1, 1.5% FHA, 1.5% Trihelix, 1.4% ARF, 1.3% C2C2-GATA, 1.2% C2C2-Dof, 1.0% SBP, 1.0% DBP, 1.0% HSF, 1.0% Other transcription factor families, 12.4% Other transcriptional regulators, 4.9% PHD, 4.2% SNF2, 2.9% SET, 2.1% TRAF, 2.1% GNAT, 1.9% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Other studies using a similar exposure paradigm also reported no effects on body weight of the female offspring of C3H mice (Waalkes et al.
Site specific mutation of the Zic2 locus by microinjection of TALEN mRNA in mouse CD1, C3H and C57BL/6J oocytes.
Mercury exposure as a model for deviation of cytokine responses in experimental Lyme arthritis: HgCl(2) treatment decreases T helper cell type 1-like responses and arthritis severity but delays eradication of Borrelia burdorferi in C3H / HeN mice.