C3PCAD (Computer-Aided Design)-CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing)-CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering)-PIM (Product Information Management) (Ford Motor Company)
C3PCertified Call Center Professional
C3PCertified Cost Control Professional (National Cost Control Standards Board)
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With C3P, Ford has succeeded in reducing the number of prototypes by 25 percent, with a goal of eliminating 80 percent to 90 percent of the bucks when all vehicle programs have migrated to C3P.
In joining C3P, Flatirons Solutions can work with EMC's IIG Consulting and Partner teams to provide intelligent capture, case management, customer communications and governance software and services that solve even the most complex information challenges organizations face today.
The deployment of VisFly throughout Ford plays a strategic role in the company's C3P initiative, a project that integrates Ford's computer-aided design, engineering and manufacturing into a global system, resulting in a seamless, unified system that encompasses all stages of vehicle and component development.
The GSI team, comprised of Ford and SDRC personnel and founded in 1998, is dedicated to assisting Ford-authorized suppliers in replicating and implementing C3P.
In joining C3P, Beach Street can work with EMC's IIG Consulting and Partner teams on joint selling opportunities and customer engagements.
Autoweb has supported Ford's C3P deployment globally since 2001, and currently hosts secure data exchange between over 1,200 Ford suppliers and 2,300 internal Ford users worldwide.
C3P was content with her unmarried mother and her aunt, but she was wistful about her father, whom she only saw twice in her life: "Oh, he was a nice man.
The new Jaguar XJ assembly facility was designed simultaneously with the engineering of the new vehicle itself using Jaguar's powerful C3P computer system and virtual manufacturing capabilities.
When it reaches showrooms next April the C3P will feature a single trim level and choice of two petrol engines.
The first Ford vehicle to be created digitally, the new Ford Mondeo was developed with Ford's powerful array of computer tools known as C3P that eliminated paper, drawing boards and 13 months from the development process.
For example, Chrysler required its parts suppliers to participate in its electronic data interchange (EDI) network, while more recently Ford's introduction of the C3P CAD/CAM system has effectively delineated its design network.
SDRC (Nasdaq:SDRC), Cincinnati, Ohio, a global supplier of enterprise product development solutions and developer of IDEAS(R) and Metaphase(R) Enterprise(TM) software, has launched its Ford-specific I-DEAS for C3P mechanical design software on the Intel Architecture and Windows NT workstation platform.