C3SCenter for Computer and Communication Security
C3SCommand Control Communications Segment
C3SConsultation, Command and Control Systems
C3SCommand, Control & Communications System
C3SCommand, Control, Communications & Surveillance
C3SCysteine-3-to-Serine (biochemistry)
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These applications will be made available to users of the CDS via the C3S web portal, allowing them to perform data manipulation on the data and products of the CDS, and visualise and/or download their results.
If one wanted to lower the C3S to 34% to avoid the heat of hydration performance test on Type IV cement, what change in f would be required?
In the Balti TPP secondary Ca-silicates are represented mainly by [beta]-C2S (belite), merwinite and wollastonite; while in the Eesti TPP also C3S, rankinite, as well as C4AF and akermanite are found.
C3S Securiglass is finalising a contract to set up a cutting facility in China.
Contracts Ltd - The Benbow Group Ltd - C3S Projects Ltd - Cardinal Shopfitting + Systems Ltd - Cathedral Contracts Ltd - C.
It is so because of quick consumption of portlandite by OSA and C3S consumption because of acceleration of [C.
provide a central and holistic view of all information available to the C3S.
This is due to the very low amount of C3S, which is essential to make up the early strength of concrete.
A common goal across the C3S activities is a comprehensive assessment of the projection uncertainties, with estimations of the roles played by different emission scenarios, global and regional model formulation, and internal climate variability.
ECMWF as the Entrusted Entity for the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) will issue a number of ITTs for establishing an Evaluation and Quality Control (EQC) function to ensure quality assurance of all C3S datasets and products.
This milestone culminated more than four years of development of the C3S and includes all C3S hardware and software needed for the NPOESS Preparatory Project (NPP) mission.