C3XCompact 3-Chip Xtreme (Sim2 Multimedia: Dlp-Based Home Theater Video Projector)
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Our award-winning C3X LUMIS 3D will be showcased, with a DNP screen and Procella Audio loudspeakers, in a system that promises to be exceptional in every sense.
The Design Area featured a C3X LUMIS in Racing Red with a six-foot screen showing promotional videos from nv4Design and SIM2.
For 2010, the Grand Cinema[TM] C3X LUMIS Series offers several layers of sophistication, maintaining its position as the sole provider of elegant, compact three-chip DLP Home Cinema Solutions.
The C3X LUMIS UNO projector conceals truly powerful capabilities and a great deal of technology within its compact cabinet, including a trio of DC4 0.
The C3X LUMIS HYPER-Color is a three-chip reference model, specially designed with a motorized color filter option, which allows for specified color standard requirements to be attained (e.