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C4CCommunication for Change (Brooklyn, NY)
C4CCare for Creation
C4CCommunities for Children
C4CCentre for Creativity (UK)
C4CClick for Click (Tumblr)
C4CCampus for Christ (student ministry)
C4CCitizens for Citizens (Macedonia)
C4CCuts for Cancer
C4CCheck For Change (Firefox add-on; page change detector)
C4CCoaches4Causes (various locations)
C4CCoalition for Change, Inc. (Washington, DC)
C4CSpring Green Center for Creativity and Innovation
C4CCadet 4th Class
C4CComment for Comment (Myspace)
C4CCoaching for Character (Play Like a Champion Educational Series; Notre Dame University; South Bend, IN)
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Two C4C project teams evaluated new technologies and services in which pathologists might have leadership and/or expanded roles now or in the future.
In 2013, C4C was invited to join with Investec's Rhino Lifeline project in South Africa, tweaking the curriculum to focus on the highly endangered African rhino.
Since Lesley and John started C4C, more than 9,000 children have benefitted from the programme in both Botswana and South Africa through courses or day visits to schools.
Keen observers of the situation in Cyprus for the past two years, C4C also notes the recent meeting between Foreign Minister Markos Kyprianou and his US counterpart Hillary Clinton, the visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Turkey and the historic visit of Archbishop Chrysostomos II to northern Cyprus, together with his timely and unprecedented calls for reconciliation.
Combines 4 Charity wants to smash the record for the most combine harvesters working at the same time, set in Australia in 2003 using 58 combines C4C hopes to have 100 machines on the go in a field the size of 20 football pitches on Saturday, August 15.
The C4C program operates thanks to real estate firms and brokers teaming to designate a percentage of their rental and sales fees to support The Catalog's member organizations--organizations that strive to better the lives of youth whose lives are impacted by poverty, crime, drugs and violence.
Eighty-five percent of the 8,000 people that took part in the online voting identified C4C as the most deceptive corporate lobby campaign of the year.
It provides a vision for the North East's cultural development until 2030, and focusing on arts and heritage and bringing in tourism, sport and creative industries, C4C is part of a wider push to attract inward investment to the region.
The reason for this trip was I had never fished a 'big pit' water before and needed to have a practice before I enter the C4C (Carp-in-4-Cancer) competition next month at Blue Lagoon Lake Bedfordshire, another 'big pit' water.
The overarching goal of the C4C was to identify the key trends influencing the current and future supply of and demand for pathologists.
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