C4DCinema 4d (3d Image Program)
C4DCinema 4d
C4DContract for Deed (real property)
C4DCommunication for Development (UN)
C4DCulture for Development (information portal)
C4DCenter for Design (Pacific Northwest College of Art; Portland, OR)
C4DConnectivity for Development (Nigeria)
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Frequent expression of C4d in hepatic graft-versus hostdisease: potential clue for diagnosis and distinguishing acute and chronic form.
Beigbeder said UNICEF Bangladesh is willing to work with UGC for developing curriculum on (C4D) at tertiary level education of Bangladesh.
In 12 patients (40%), the rejection was characterized as active antibody-mediated (all C4d positive) and in 18 patients (60%) as cell mediated rejection.
Repeat transplant biopsy was performed and showed signs of chronic-active ABMR (peritubular capillaritis with positive C4d staining, glomerular double contours, and severe atrophy/fibrosis) (Figure 2).
Chiara et al., "Complement activation product C4d in oral and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma," Oral Diseases, vol.
Krenn et al., "C4d in acute rejection after liver transplantation--a valuable tool in differential diagnosis to hepatitis C recurrence," American Journal of Transplantation, vol.
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"Inducing social demand is an essential prerequisite for successful implementation of progressive laws and Justice's decisions on essential issues concerning children and girls' rights," observes Adriano, adding, "Demand should be consistent enough to put social pressure on democratic institutions at different levels, in order to develop local, state and national policies for the actual implementation of such legislations." And social commitment, strong focused work, resource allocation as well as multi-level monitoring based on C4D (Communication for Development) are keys to success.
Specimens of the intestinal mucosa do not contain mesenteric vascular structures, and C4d staining is nonspecific.
On this premise, therefore, communication for development (C4D) becomes the mechanism through which the intervention could be applied.