C4MCoalition for Marriage (UK)
C4MCompetence for Media Security
C4MCentre for Mediation (Australia)
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C4M campaign director Colin Hart said: "This is yet another blow for these ill-thought-out and undemocratic proposals.
VARIOUS: Big Brother OST (C4M) - You've watched the programme now buy the soundtrack, you saddos.
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I had that right as my daughters were growing up, but earlier this week at a public meeting of the Coalition for Marriage (C4M), I learned that if the Government pushes through its plan to change the definition of marriage from the "union of one man and one woman" to a "union of parties", then it will become illegal for us mothers to tell children about their becoming "a husband" or "a wife" because the law may forbid it.
Please don't treat it as junk mail; please read the 10 points the C4M have clearly outlined and, if you are moved to, add your signature to the petition.
The e-mails were obtained from the Home Office under freedom of information legislation by C4M, which is campaigning against gay marriage during the Government's consultation on a possible change in the law to allow equal civil marriage.
C4M campaign director Colin Hart said: "The PM and those pushing this policy should now reconsider their positions and ditch this ill-conceived idea."
"We trust the Church of England will eventually reconcile itself to same-sex marriage, just as it reconciled itself to the abolition of slavery and universal suffrage, both of which it also firmly opposed when first suggested." Meanwhile, the Coalition for Marriage (C4M) handed in a 500,000-strong petition to Downing Street yesterday afternoon, which included the names and addresses of MPs and members of the public opposed to the Government's plans.