C5050 Carbon Atoms
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Combined with the Spirent C50 Appliance, TTworkbench offers a variety of functions including DUT monitoring and simulation.
As an entry-level laptop, the 15.6-inch Tecra C50 delivers the essential features professionals wantall at a budget- friendly price.
Caption: Figure 8: Effect of carbonization on the microhardness of the LG-XJ interface of recycled concrete: (a) C30 (LG-XJ); (b) C40 (LG-XJ); (c) C50 (LG-XJ); (d) C40 (LG-LJ).
As entry-level notebooks, the Tecra C40 (14-inch display) and Tecra C50 (15.6-inch display) deliver the essential features professionals wantall at a budget-friendly price.
For solid elements, the HJC material constitutive relation [21] was used to model the concrete response; the parameters of grade C50 concrete are listed in Table 3.
The questions arise--which scoring system or thresholds are suitable for correct choice, when toxicity data (L(E) C50 or TUa, or pTv, LID, etc.) are available from test with two or three species--each from different trophic level and which samples of WW or LL should be indicated as toxic (e.g.
When calculated as C50, it considers the division between early and late energy as 50 milliseconds (ms) and gives an indication of speech intelligibility in a space, whereas when calculated as C80, it considers the division between early and late energy as 80ms and measures musical definition.
Summary: Weighing 2.2kg and 26.6mm thin, the new Toshiba Satellite C50 is thinner, lighter and more compact than its predecessor
At this year's PPMA Show, Pacepacker will showcase six different pick and place systems demonstrating the three main technologies - robotic (articulated arm, delta and Cartesian), electro/pneumatic Cartesian and bespoke styles - in Hall 5, Stand C50.
It plans to launch c50 new social games in 2014, 15 of which are to be self-developed.
The targeted -cost savings from the reorganization as well as the respective non-recurring items to be booked are included in the C50 million right-sizing program announced in January 2014.