C5HFifth Conserved Cysteine to Histidine
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In the aromatic region, the [sup.1]H NMR spectra of 1 and 2 consist of two multiplets corresponding to the protons of the condensed benzene ring (C5H and C8H, and C6H and C7H, resp.), with the chemical shifts significantly differing from those of the uncoordinated qx and qz ligands.
These products were distinguished by observing the changes in the chemical shifts of two imidazole C2H and C5H protons with respect to those of free Ac- L-His-Gly dipeptide ([[delta].sub.C2H] = 8.61 and [[delta].sub.C5H] = 7.33 ppm).
OMP spectrum clearly differs from the spectra of salts by the appearance of medium intensity bands at 1514 and 1356 [cm.sup.-1] (CH + NH deformation (BI) and NH + C4H + C5H deformation (BI)), which are absent in salts.