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Caption: Figure 2: Effect of fines content on frost durability of C60 CSC: (a) [E.sub.r].
In contrast, measurements of the forces between a pair of solid layers of C60 in the absence of a liquid confirm that the molecules by themselves offer no significant reduction in friction.
"We'd like to try to make a fullerene superconductor by putting a lanthanum or scandium atom inside the C60 cage," says Scuseria.
"It turns out you can detect the helium isotope [He.sup.3] With very great sensitivity, so if we put that into C60 buckyballs, you can detect it even if it's present in very small amounts," Saunders says.
The new models to be launched are the C70, C60 and a compact SUV based on the old 9-3.
Handlink will demonstrate their new eco-friendly products at the Hall 17, Stand C60 (5)(6), Taiwanese Pavilionin CeBIT 2011.
A buckyball, or C60, is one shape within the family of tiny carbon shapes known as fullerenes.
"Here's something that may bear very strongly on the formation of C60 and fullerenes in general:' he says.
Visitors to the NEC Baby Show can also enter a competition to win a Lifft Sling - visit stand C60 for more details.
To explain the high prevalence of C60 clusters, for example, some researchers have proposed a soccer-ball-like structure called buckminsterfullerene (SN: 11/23/85, p.325).