C6hConcentration at 6 Hours (drug research)
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In the aromatic region, the [sup.1]H NMR spectra of 1 and 2 consist of two multiplets corresponding to the protons of the condensed benzene ring (C5H and C8H, and C6H and C7H, resp.), with the chemical shifts significantly differing from those of the uncoordinated qx and qz ligands.
Phylum Bacteroidetes-related sequences (C5a, C5b, C6a, C6b, and C6c) as well as phylum Firmicutes-like sequences (C5d, C6d, C6e, C6f, C6g, and C6h) were detected in samples C5 and C6.
Alsirt (1993) found that RPR increased in the high RPR direction of selection (C6H = 6.54 load-kg [plant.sup.-1]; C0 = 4.40 load-kg [plant.sup.-1]) while it decreased in the low direction of selection (C6L = 3.09 load-kg [plant.sup.-1]).