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C80Control for 80 Days (research test group)
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In particular, the levels of early age shrinkage within 1 day for specimens C80 and P80/00 are higher than for the other specimens, which is due to the relatively large amount of cement and the presence of 17% silica fume.
The adsorption heat of methane on maceral concentrates was directly measured using a C80 microcalorimeter produced by Setaram Company in France.
Conversely, C80 had the smallest Fe crystallite size and the largest [Fe.sub.3][O.sub.4] size.
C10/control C20/control C40/control Relative ratio of protein 1.04480417 1.26475652 1.455598125 Bax Relative ratio of protein 0.79957309 1.60000026 5.737708117 LC3II LC3II/Bax 0.76528512 1.26506584 3.941821591 C80/control Relative ratio of protein 1.582404383 Bax Relative ratio of protein 9.365680576 LC3II LC3II/Bax 5.918639178 C10, C20, C40, and C80: dosing group with different concentration of curcumin.
Code labels closely followed the wording used in the responses (e.g., C39 Credit Cards, C46 Affects Everyone, C80 National Defense).
When calculated as C50, it considers the division between early and late energy as 50 milliseconds (ms) and gives an indication of speech intelligibility in a space, whereas when calculated as C80, it considers the division between early and late energy as 80ms and measures musical definition.
INTERNATIONAL EYEWEAR will be launching a wide variety of frames into each of its collections (stand C80) and will be exhibiting its extensive portfolio, including the award-winning technical brand, Titanflex and the contemporary fashion ranges Brendel, Humphrey's and Episode.
Many European cities suffer from chronic traffic jams, at an estimated cost of C80 billion a year.
Necrosis###Group 1 (C)###Group 2 (G)###Group 3 (G + C80)###p-value