CA 125

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CA 125Cancer Antigen 125 (oncology)
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The normal values for CA 125 may vary slightly among individual laboratories.
Raised CA 125 and metastatic illness were found related to the presence of peritoneal dissemination of tumor when chi-square was applied.
Therefore, in our study, we investigated the efficacy of hematologic inflammatory markers and maternal serum CA 125 levels in diagnosing MA.
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Finally, a third approach, the Risk of Ovarian Cancer Algorithm (ROCA), also employs a mathematical CA 125 trend model with increased frequency (measurement of CA 125 every 3 months).
Results: The statistical analysis did not indicate any statistically significant difference between the CA 125 levels of the patients with malignant and benign adnexal masses (p=0.105).
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A risk of malignancy index incorporating CA 125, ultrasound and menopausal status for the accurate preoperative diagnosis of ovarian cancer.
Her loss is still felt by the whole family." Doctors discovered Janet had a high level of a protein called CA 125 in her body - found in 80% of women with ovarian cancer.
Developing irritable bowel-type symptoms like recurring diarrhoea and constipation for the first time, if you are over the age of 50, may prompt your GP to order a blood test to detect raised levels of cancer antigen CA 125.