CA-HAChronological Age and the Height Age
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The cell parameter a decreased with a lower zinc substitution in the Ca-HA lattice ([X.sub.Zn] = 0.00-0.08) because the ion radius of [Ca.sup.2+] (0.099 nm) is larger than that of [Zn.sup.2+] (0.074 nm).
The Ca-HA solid ([X.sub.Zn] = 0.00) was an aggregate of fine rod-like particles with 20-50 nm in width and 100-150 nm in length.
Table 2 lists the calculated solubility products ([K.sub.sp]) for Ca-HA and Zn-Ca-HA, together with the solution pH, zinc, calcium, and phosphate analyses for the dissolution at 25[degrees]C with an initial pH of 2.00.