CA19Carbohydrate Antigen 19-9 (serum)
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To adjust for selection bias, all available variables (age [greater than or equal to] 66, sex, Karnofsky PS score, primary tumor site, baseline CA19.9 level [greater than or equal to] 59 x ULN, 12-week decrease of the CA19.9 level [greater than or equal to] 50% from baseline, basal bilirubin level, biliary stent implantation, and liver metastasis) were introduced in a multivariate logistic regression to calculate a propensity score for each patient with statistical analysis system software (STATA 11).
Univariate analysis identified CA19.9 response, the presence of liver metastasis, Karnofsky performance status score, and NLR as significant prognostic factors for high PFS.
The laboratory tests are poorly contributive, and tumor markers, including CEA, AFP, and CA19.9, are usually negative [33].
Toure et al., "Diagnostic value of CA19.9, circulating tumour DNA and circulating tumour cells in patients with solid pancreatic tumours," British Journal of Cancer, vol.
Blood - investigations revealed no increase in serum CA19.9, AFP or Beta- HCG.
Dimitromanolakis et al., "Validation of biomarkers that complement CA19.9 in detecting early pancreatic cancer," Clinical Cancer Research, vol.
The team also evaluated and compared the diagnostic performance of MIC-1 with CA19.9, CEA and CA242, as well as its value as a predictive indicator for therapeutic response and tumour recurrence.
Data was collected with regard to clinical features, tumor markers (CEA, CA19.9), and radiological investigations {ultrasonogram (USG) and/or CT}.
The only marker used clinically for PC at present is carbohydrate antigen 19.9 (CA19.9), abiomarker that was discovered approximately 30 years ago.
We studied the stability of CA19.9, CA 125, and CA 15.3 for 72 h and the effect of serum collection differences between plain tubes and tubes with thixotropic gel.