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CA2Carbonic Anhydrase 2 (gene)
CA2Chimeric A2 (antibody)
CA2Cornu Ammonis 2
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The degree of shortening the sarcomere would depend on the number of cycles (during which the concentration of free Ca2 + remains high) and developed force would be conditional upon the number of bridges cross it locks into every moment of contraction (2si4).
A few studies have suggested that CA2 might be involved in social memory, as this region has a high level of expression of a receptor for vasopressin, a hormone linked to sexual motivation, bonding, and other social behaviors.
7) "This gene was one of several that might have been predicted to prevent plasticity, and so we were surprised to see that it showed up in this area of the hippocampus, CA2.
This is no small part due to the fact that while the hippocampus' function as the seat of learning and memory formation is well documented, the CA2 region still remains a puzzle.
of an international character" and therefore trigger the application of CA2 of the Geneva Conventions.
No hemispheric asymmetry in the density of Timm staining at the level of the dentate gyrus, in the dendritic layer of CA1 and CA2 fields, in the mossy fiber area, or in the subiculum has been reported in rats (23).
Coeficiente Erro variacao Padrao Caracteristica Media N Coefficient Standard Traits Mean N of variation error GP1 712,51 2094 14,88 2,37 GP2 787,00 200 13,63 7,58 CA1 3,89 2094 14,83 0,01 CA2 3,76 200 12,17 0,03 Tabela 2.
The tows were then combined by cruise, closed area, year, and all tows from the CA2 and the two ETCA cruises together (Data from the NLCA cruise were excluded because the gears used during this survey were different than those used during the other cruises).
This field determines the output of circuit one CA1 or circuit two CA2.
The teachers were Miss Powell CA1, Miss Smith CA2 and Miss Hilda Peek CA3.