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CA2Carbonic Anhydrase 2 (gene)
CA2Chimeric A2 (antibody)
CA2Cornu Ammonis 2
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Most recently, Dudek and colleagues have found that CA2 is probably the "caffeine center" of the brain.
With the deletion of the RSG14 gene however, the CA2 region remarkably shows signs of "robust long term potentiation", which allows for stronger neural connections to be built with electrical stimulation.
of an international character" and therefore trigger the application of CA2 of the Geneva Conventions.
Like [OH.sup.-] in OHAp, the [Cl.sup.-] is also disordered, displaced from the midpoint of the Ca2 triangles, and in positions 1.2 [Angstrom] above and below the mirror planes.
The collective demise of calcium regulating systems of the neuron establishes a chronic elevation of intracellular Ca2 + concentration.
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Centocor has already demonstrated the safety of its anti-TNF antibody, named cA2, among a small group of healthy volunteers given injections of endotoxin, says Craig R.
However, the trends were similar: a moderate decrease was found in the number of PV-positive interneurons in the dentate gyrus, the CA1, CA2, and CA3 regions of patients with no sclerosis [17, 25].
This proved that sulfonated poly(styrene) has high affinity for nickel, and with other metals being in order Ni2+greater than Zn2+greater than Cu2greater than Ca2 and that affinity is dependent upon the solution of pH and counterion.
Calcium ions (Ca2 + s) activate the release of neurotransmitters across the gap.
Another ion which might be involved in hyperthermic cell death is Ca2 +.