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CAACCivil Aviation Administration of China
CAACCivilian Agency Acquisition Council
CAACCapital Area Activities Conference (Lansing, Michigan, USA)
CAACClean Air Action Corporation
CAACCool As A Cucumber
CAACCentral Australian Aboriginal Congress, Inc. (est. 1973)
CAACCitizens' Action Against Crime (Philippines)
CAACCertified Advanced Addictions Counselor
CAACCatchment Area Advisory Committee (Kenya)
CAACCanadian Association of Aviation Colleges
CAACCounseling & Assistance Center
CAACCincinnati Allergy and Asthma Center
CAACCanche-Authie Auto Club (French automobile club)
CAACCapoeira Angola Arts Center (Wahiawa, HI)
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I have been concerned that after-hours youth services have lacked a coordinated approach and with the ASTC, CAAC and other stakeholders working together we can deliver positive outcomes for young people and less anti-social behaviour.
In 2003, CAAC accepted the airworthiness examination application of ARJ21-700 aircraft.
China's CAAC has purchased a total of 294 ATC radios to be installed at 20 locations in the CAAC Northwest air traffic control region.
The present unclear political announcements of a change in senior management could create, in ICAO's opinion, an indeterminable future of professional processes within CAAC," said Cusi, a former general manager of the Manila International Airport Authority and the Philippine Ports Authority.
We have realised that in peacetime the focus should be economic development, and the CMC will for sure give more airspace to the civil aviation step by step," said Hu Xiaoming, professor at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, who is working closely with the CAAC on the airspace plan.
The CAAC information system structure is open, with a possibility to formulate further problem areas in the area automatic control.
Tree structure of a chosen CAAC information system subsystem is shown as an example in Fig.
Councillor Berman, who was elected at the CAAC in Cork, said: 'This is a great honour for Cardiff.
The CAAC currently has one vacancy for a candidate that teaches or works with children in grades kindergarten through 12.
As a result, CAAC is now acting as matchmaker in encouraging mergers and alliances that will slim the civil aviation sector down to more competitive proportions.
ALPS will be installed in 26 cities across China for CAAC Information Centre, the company responsible for building and maintaining CAAC's nationwide ticket reservation, cargo and passenger movement system.
There is one major exception: The "big three" airlines, as autonomous enterprise groups, can place aircraft orders and make financing arrangements without involving the CASC, but they still have to seek approval from the SPC and CAAC.