CAARRCalifornia Association of Addiction Recovery Resources
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For example, SLH advocacy groups such as the SLN or CAARR could increase their presence in the public media and social network sites.
While some SLHs use a "strong manager" model where the owner or manager of the house develops and enforces the house rules, contemporary SLH associations such as CAARR and SLN emphasize a social model approach to managing houses that empowers residents by providing leadership position and forums where they can have input into decision making (Polcin & Henderson 2008).
Examples of SLH coalitions in California include the California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources (CAARR) in the northern part of the state and the Sober Living Network in the south.
Opened in 1975, WRS was founded as a gender-specific program organized in response to growing consciousness of women's needs in alcohol recovery (CAARR 2005), and as such had pioneer status in the women's social model recovery movement in California.