CAARSComputer Assisted Adolescent Referral System
CAARSCustomer Acquisition and Retention System (email marketing; also seen as CARS)
CAARSConners Adult Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Rating Scales
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The new SaaS and BPO options of CAARS allow our clients to have their process handled at the highest standard of quality, in a highly cost effective manner.
For further information on CAARS Collateral Management System or other IntegriDATA products and services, please call 212.
In terms of Brian's ADHD symptoms, there were no clinical elevations on either self-report or observer screening versions of the CAARS.
In producing this prototype under the CAARS program, SAIC is committed to supporting DHS and DNDO in their fight against terrorism," said Preston.
The CAARS is a self-report rating scale that provides a quantitative measure of ADHD symptoms for adults over the age of 18.
With CAARS we realized a significant uptick in operating efficiency, process timing and risk control," said the COO of the hedge fund.
We designed CAARS to breakthrough all the obstacles associated with the process - from non-standard and ever changing broker file formats, to lack of common financial instrument IDs.
Ledoux, President and CEO of Passport Systems, stated that "We are pleased to be partnering with AS&E to address this important security problem and to achieve the objectives of the CAARS Program.
AS&E Receives ID/IQ Contract for CAARS Program Development Phase Valued at $28.
The CAARS team is producing solid results to bring this advanced concept to fruition," said Anthony R.
This contract culminates in the delivery of a prototype CAARS unit designed to automatically detect radiological and nuclear materials, such as highly enriched uranium or weapons-grade plutonium, even if shielded by other materials.
On the CAARS Total ADHD Symptom Score, both genders demonstrated significant symptom improvement with atomoxetine (improvement of 14.