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CAATINGACentro de Assessoria e Apoio aos Trabalhadores e Instituições não Governamentais Alternativas (Brasil)
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Given the significant representation of the genus in the flora of the state of Bahia, and especially in the Caatinga, this study aimed to better comprehend the diversity of this group in a fragment of Ecological Station Raso da Catarina (ESRC), in order to contribute to knowledge about the flora of the semiarid region of Bahia as well as to support the development of the ESRC management plan.
A composicao vegetal da Caatinga e representada por cerca de 5000 especies, com expressivo numero de especies endemicas (em torno de 380) (Siqueira Filho, 2012).
Besides that, although, the intensive use of the caatinga as fuel, little is known about the amount of biomass which are removed and recycled from the parts of the plants used for this purpose (SILVA & SAMPAIO, 2008).
Despite being recognized as a distinct natural region, the Caatinga Domain was regarded by some influential 20th century biologists as poor in species richness and endemism (Rizzini, 1963; Vanzolini, 1974).
In light of the intriguingly close dispositions of different vegetation types under apparently identical macro-climatic conditions, we investigated cerrado and caatinga vegetation sites and their ecotone along an E-W transect just west of the National Park to contribute to our understanding of the phytogeography of Brazil.
In the Sertao dos Inhamuns and Sertao Central the downward trends in annual rainfall were related to the predominant presence of Caatinga (vegetation that remains dry and without leaves in part of the year, reducing the evapotranspiration), to the low local water reserve and high index of local degradation, which leads to the risk of desertification, as occurred in Irauguba, also in Ceara State (Vasques Landim, Silva, & Almeida, 2011).
Microsatellite data indicate two distinct groups centered around the Caatinga and other seasonally dry forests in southeastern Brazil (Fig.
Estas tres especies de Braconidae possuem ocorrencia relatada para o municipio de Barbalha (clima Tropical As, vegetando diversificada--Cerradao, Cerrado e Caatinga, altitude de 814 metros, temperatura media anual de 24,9[degrees]C e precipitanao pluvial anual de 1.