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CAATINGACentro de Assessoria e Apoio aos Trabalhadores e Instituições não Governamentais Alternativas (Brasil)
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The line, with Mandacaru extract, typical of Caatinga, celebrates the strength and beauty of this rebirth symbol.
This equality resonates with distinct tones as the narrative advances, for the caatinga viciously attacks the Republican troops assigned to fight in the sertao.
The Serido Ecological Station (Serido ESEC) is located in Serra Negra do Norte, Rio Grande do Norte State, in a Caatinga area of 1,166.
Similarly, Willig (1985) found slight sexual dimorphism in Neoplatymops (Molossidae) from the semiarid Caatinga of South America, with males larger than females, as is true in some other molossids.
The Caatinga biome accounts for about 60% of the northeast Brazilian territory and extends to a small part of the northeastern Minas Gerais State (Sampaio et al.
ornatus from the Caatinga Biome, in the state of Piaui, northeast Brazil.
Hypsolebias consists in a species-rich clade of South American annual fishes, comprising 46 species (Eschmeyer 2014) that are distributed throughout two types of open vegetation, the Cerrado, a savanna-type of vegetation from central Brazil, and the Caatinga, a semi-arid scrub forest from northeastern Brazil.
Malvaceae), a keystone floral resource in the Brazilian Caatinga.
Lemos JR, Rodal MJN (2002) Fitossociologia do componente lenhoso de um trecho da vegetacao de caatinga no Parque Nacional Serra da Capivara, Piaui, Brasil.
A importancia da SF de Caatinga se expressa de diferentes maneiras nos resultados obtidos.