CABACContext Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding
CABACContext Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding (video coding algorithm)
CABACChildren Affected by Armed Conflict
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The proposed construction of video steganography was realized by embedding the secret image into the meaningful cover image of any type of video file using CABAC approaches.
Data is compressed much more efficiently with CABAC than CAVLC; but CABAC encoding needs much more processing power to drive it.
Evaluation and decision on modes contribute to CAVLC, CABAC, and EXP-GOLOMB in a simplified way to address the data-handling constraints.
When the high profile video service is required, CABAC is preferred over CAVLC because CABAC achieves better compression efficiency.
VSOFTS is ready to assist by enabling HD cameras and content servers using FPGA or ASICs with AVC-Intra and CABAC IP Cores," said President of VSOFTS, Irena Terterov.
These instructions are optimized for the most performance-intensive algorithms used in video processing, including: CABAC, which achieves higher compression in H.
As you can see in the screenshot of Sorenson Squeeze shown in Figure 4, there are two choices, CAVLC and CABAC, with the latter available only when producing using the Main or High Profiles.
SkyStream's MPEG-4 AVC solution uses highly efficient algorithms, including CABAC and CAVLC, to produce superior broadcast video at half the bit rate of MPEG-2.
264, check to make sure that the vendor supports the baseline, main, and high profiles; enables CABAC support; and, at the very least, lets you set options such as the number of sequential B-frames between I- and P-frames.
Advanced AVC toolkit including CABAC, motion search range, reference frames, Inter search shape, and P/B-slice prediction lists
264, VP6, or VC-1), select a player (Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media, or Silverlight), or specify general encoding parameters such as resolution, data rate, or frame rate, not to mention advanced parameters such as variable bitrate encoding, B-frame interface, and CABAC versus CAVLC.
I encoded with the High Profile, CABAC entropy encoding, and every "damn the encoding time, full quality ahead" option supported by Carbon Coder.