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CABALCommon Architecture for Building Applications and Libraries
CABALConsortium of All Bay Area Linux
CABALComputer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform (Tiberian Sun game character)
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The truth is that, if there was a cabal, it was led by Carlotta herself against poor Christine, who had no suspicion of it.
The managers left the box during the entr'acte to find out more about the cabal of which the stage-manager had spoken; but they soon returned to their seats, shrugging their shoulders and treating the whole affair as silly.
Cabal and Farah took a 4-2 lead but Murray and Soares won eight of the next 10 points for victory.
Colombia's Cabal and USA's Spears defeated India's Sania Mirza and her Croatian partner Ivan Dodig last year in the finals.
The political cabal did not listen to their people and paid the price, and still Remain MPs have not got it.
You may be the last chance for this country to throw off the cabal that has most of the world in their predatory grip, a cabal that has ruined South America, decimated Africa, which is now stripping Greece of its assets.
What the cabal didn't reckon was that the masses will know of the hierarchy not for what it says or does about Musharraf but for what it plans and does for their good.
The evil cabal spoke recently about "information" alleging that Hezbollah is planning for terrorist attacks in Europe.
WINDSOR: 5.40 Starry Mount, 6.10 Secret Gold, 6.40 Timocracy, 7.10 Cabal, 7.40 Battle Honour, 8.10 Noble Greek.
I know the recession has hit us all, but wasting millions on a new central library nobody actually wants suggests our cabal has seriously lost the plot.
He said: "With worldwide sanctions and a worldwide arms embargo, our aim is there be no hiding place and safe haven for the criminal cabal that surrounds Mugabe.