CABCORPCentral America Bottling Corporation (Guatemala)
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Calling the campaign counterproductive, Jose Raul Gonzalez, vice president of Cabcorp, Central America's Pepsi bottler, said, "Consumers do not know that this 'gringo' product is as Guatemalan as they are; the only thing gringo is the brand." In the case of Pepsi, like other carbonated soda, the sugar is national, the glass bottles and caps are of Guatemalan manufacture, or at least from Mexico, Panama, El Salvador, Uruguay, or Puerto Rico.
FIFCO tiene como socios a la CTM holandesa Heineken y la empresa guatemalteca CABCORP de la familia Castillo.
Previously, he was CEO of CabCorp, division president for PepsiCo Beverages, and served in a variety of management and financial positions for The Burton Group and Overseas Containers Ltd.
(CabCorp), the main PepsiCo bottler in Central America, with operations in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, and American Beverage Co., the largest brewer in Latin America and the fifth largest brewer in the world, announced Sept.