CABDCentro Andaluz de Biología del Desarrollo (Developmental Biology Institute, Spain)
CABDCalifornia Beatdown (music)
CABDComputer-Aided Building Design
CABDCommunal Aerial Broadcast Distribution (Hong Kong)
CABDCornwall and Area Business Directory (Canada)
CABDCornwall and Alexandria Business Directory
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Dlm cAbdullah Sulayman al-Jarbuc, cAbdullah cAbd al-Karim al-cAbbadi, Tammam Hassan cUmar & Rushdi Ahmad
By contextual evidence, the second inscription must date from some time after 1925, when cAbd Allah Ba Kathir died (he is clearly referred to as al-Marhum--the late--in the inscription).
the trapezoid cabd onto the trapezoid DB'EF in order to facilitate
This commentary, the Tarjuman al-Mustafid, was composed by cAbd Al-Ra'uf of Singkel (c.
(15.) Of course, Baghdad was founded only after the overthrow of the Umayyads and well after cAbd al-Malik's time.
Creativity of the Creator in the Order of Islamic Law] (1997); CABD
The spermatozoa were classified as follows: normal (SN), major defects (DMA), minor defects (DME), degenerated head (CABD), degenerated tail (CADE), fractured (CAUF) or curled (CAUE) tail, macrocephaly (MAE), microcephaly (MIE), normal isolated head (CIN), proximal drop (GP) or distal (GD) head, and folded tail (CAUD).
Se trata de la primera anecdota dentro de la serie conocida como las "Wafidat cala Mucawiya" (Las comparecientes ante Mucawiya) que aparecen en el famoso Al-ciqd al-farid (El collar extraordinario) (3) del poeta andalusi cordobes de los siglos IX-X, Ibn cAbd Rabbihi (860-940).
99/99 laryngo-pharynx ALTERNATE NUMERICAL TAUTONYMS 04/04 05/05 Cabd (Jordan) note: this location is made from the letters A, B, C and D.
Charles Butterworth turns his attention to the landmark work al-Islam wa-usul al-hukm (1925) by cAli cAbd al-Raziq (1888-1966) in his chapter, "Law and the Common Good: To Bring about a Virtuous City or Preserve the Old Order?" (pp.