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Blood flow to the coeliac artery increased significantly from baseline in both the control and gymnema groups, with no significant differences in the peak response of CABF observed between the two groups.
Fetal MAP (Novatrans II, MX860, Medex Inc., Hilliard, OH, USA), corrected for maternal movement by subtraction of amniotic pressure, CaBF, and ECG, were recorded continuously throughout the experiment.
5 min (baseline period), 5 sec, and 1 min averages of T/QRS ratio, FHR, MAP, and CaBF were calculated for each fetus, respectively.
The within-subjects relationship between MAP, CaBF, and T/QRS ratio for selected occlusion periods (1 min data) was determined by regression analysis using the methodology of Bland and Altman [37].
Baseline T/QRS ratio, FHR, MAP, and CaBF are shown in Table 1.
Fetal Heart Rate, Mean Arterial Pressure, and CaBF. Umbilical cord occlusion was associated with a rapid initial fall in FHR from baseline in all gestational groups by 61.2 [+ or -] 1.5% within the first minute; the relative magnitude of this fall was not different between groups (N.S.).
Occlusion was associated with a rapid but brief rise in CaBF followed by a temporary fall before recovering back to baseline values at all gestational ages.
The initial hypertension at the beginning of occlusion was associated with a brief increase in CaBF followed by maintenance around baseline values until approximately 6 minutes at all gestations.
From 8 minutes of occlusion onwards, the fall in MAP below baseline was strongly correlated with a concordant fall in CaBF at all gestational ages.
Perhaps more surprising was that CaBF fell below its relative baseline two minutes before MAP reached baseline.