CACCERConselho das Associações dos Cafeicultores do Cerrado
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El CACCER representa el Certificador de Origen del Cafe de Brasil de la Organizacion Internacional de Cafe (OIC) para la region delimitada del Cerrado Mineiro y posee un sistema consolidado de certificacion que le permite exportar su produccion para los mercados mas exigentes de Japon, Europa y Estados Unidos de America.
Tal hecho movilizo a los productores nacionales vinculados a CACCER, que con este galardon lograron el acceso a nuevos mercados europeos.
Through Caccer's newly established export arm - ExpoCaccer - the producers plan to take more of their coffee directly to consumers, cutting out the middlemen.
In Patrocinio, the headquarters of Caccer, Jose Carlos Grossi has what is arguably the largest single private ownership farm in Brazil.
Caccer is the only association for producers in any region of Brazil dedicated to exporting its production.
"Today, the Cerrado exports 12% of Brazil's total output," said Ara Lucia Arakalli, secretary of Caccer. "On average, Brazil produces around 7.5 bags/ha; in Caccer, that averages from 10-16 bags/ha.," said Ms.
Caccer is dedicated to bringing new solutions and innovations to producers in improve quality and handling - such as new warehousing technology.
Other activities of Caccer include governmental and financial institutions contact, quality control, issuance of a certificate of origin and stamp of quality, use of the Care do Cerrado, and maintenance of production and technology data and research.
With the inception of CACCER, roasters can now be assured that they will get this interesting coffee, in the grade that they specify, when they pay for it, and not a blend of Cerrado coffee and lower grades or something altogether different.
CACCER is located at: Rua Marechal Floriano 72, CEP 38740000, Patrocinio - MG, Brazil.