CACFPChild and Adult Care Food Program (also seen as CACF)
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CACFP provides federal funds to non-residential child and adult care facilities to serve nutritious meals and snacks.
Childcare centers interested in enrolling for free and reduced meals through the CACFP state meal program can visit the website of It takes A Village To Feed Once Child for more details and to schedule an appointment.
ARAMARK expects the regulations for CACFP, last changed in the 1990s, to be updated this fall, but Scuerman doesn't expect many surprises and says the company has been attempting to anticipate what those changes will involve.
The report builds on existing CACFP requirements for meals, such as specifying a minimum amount of foods in each meal and excluding soft drinks and candy.
CACFP partners offer healthy meals and snacks, along with nutrition education, to promote healthy habits that will last a lifetime.
Department of Agriculture (USDA), the National CACFP Forum, the California Food Policy Advocates (CFPA), the Child Care Resource and Referral (R & R) Network and other regional and national program and children's advocates, the Roundtable constantly seeks to improve program integrity and quality, as well as provide a voice for program sponsors, providers, parents and, most importantly, the children.
The CACFP is a federally funded program that provides reimbursement for eligible meals that are served to participants who meet age and income requirements.
The mini-grants are intended for Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) family child care providers and CACFP sponsoring organizations.
The CACFP Week 2016 mini-grants are focused on strengthening health and wellness in family child care settings.
Tenders are invited for Vended meals for the CACFP.