CACGCollege Access Challenge Grant (US Department of Education)
CACGCompagnie d'Aménagement des Coteaux de Gascogne (French development company)
CACGCatholics in Alliance for the Common Good (Washington, DC)
CACGCackling Goose (bird species)
CACGChronic Angle Closure Glaucoma
CACGCommonwealth Association of Corporate Governance
CACGCentral Asia Consulting Group (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)
CACGConsolidated Alliance Capability Goal (NATO)
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The scope of corporate governance is wide and CACG (2006) extends this to its impact on society in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as well as its effects on shareholders, directors, employees and other stakeholders.
CACG systems are always evolving because of theoretical and technological advances, changing consumer needs, and market competition (Sampson et al.
Previous limitations identified within the existing CACG system literature include (a) a focus on user satisfaction over career-related gains; (b) failure to examine potential differential effects of CACG systems associated with gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status; and (c) reliance on small, convenient samples (Fowkes & McWhirter, 2007).
But most of the work with CACG has been done in residential treatment settings, which are becoming increasingly rare.
Commonwealth Association for Corporate Governance (CACG), "CACG Guidelines: Principles of Corporate Governance in the Commonwealth, Commonwealth Association for Corporate Governance" (Marlborough, New Zealand: CACG, 1999), P.
The CACG is part of a Europe-wide process which has taken shape ever since the Leeds Consultation on "The Significance of the African Religious Diaspora" was held in the fall of 1997.
Created by the College Cost Reduction Act of 2007, the CACG Program provides $66 million per year for two years to state agencies or organizations designated by each state's governor.
This 4-module graduate training program emphasizes client readiness and exploration using CACG systems, skill building and simulation exercises, and service learning with career clients.
The increased use and proliferation of CACG systems have led some authors to call for the development of formal, graduate-level training on the selection and implementation of them (Harris-Bowlsbey, 1983; Sampson, 1994).
This study describes how 55 clients from a career center at a large, southeastern university anticipated using CACG systems to help in their career decision making and problem solving.
Realization of works on the pipeline network managed by the CACG on the Verdun-sur-Garonne sector.
Contract notice: Public contract for the coverage group plans health care costs and welfare of the CACG staff.