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That is, when the file with the greatest popularity is extremely large, the other files cannot be cached.
When about 1 m from the trunk, the raven removed 2 pieces of loose bark from the top of the limb with the tip of its bill, picked up a 3-cm cube of cached meat and swallowed it (at least to its throat), then flew in silence upslope and away from the nest tree.
Assuming the multiprocessor is not cached; for an 'R' main memory access the maximum access time is Rs'" where s'" is the access time of the non-cache main memory.
The major drawback, however, is: clients must flush their entire caches after long disconnection (> [w.sup.*]L), even if some of the cached items may still be valid.
The birds with implants cached more than twice as many seeds as the other chickadees did and needed only half as much probing around before finding the right spots to recover their bounty.
If your ISP has a cache but does not tell you about it, then you may not be aware that you could be seeing cached copies of pages.
However, this difference also means that POST responses cannot be cached unless Specifically allowed.
In contrast, this second query could be performed with zero communication costs had the "suboptimal" plan for the initial query been chosen instead, as that plan would have enabled A and B to be cached at the client.
The fraction of old blocks cached on each client is distributed to all the clients, and during the epoch the clients use this information to forward blocks to other clients such that the probability of choosing a client is proportional to its fraction of old blocks.
The cache responds to the fetch in a manner similar to an ordinary load instruction, with the exception that the referenced word is not forwarded to the processor after it has been cached. Figure 2(b) shows how prefetching can be used to improve the execution time of the demand fetch case given in Figure 2(a).
This requires an ultra-light system that implements intelligent database operations, maintains multiple cache copies for scalability and high-availability, and remains synchronized with the corporate database when the cached data changes.