CACHSCorinth Alcorn County Humane Society (Corinth, MS)
CACHSCentral Alberta Christian High School
CACHSCamden Academy Charter High School (UK)
CACHSCardinal Allen Catholic High School (UK)
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Plans for the winter Salmon River Abundance of salmon west of the mountains New arrangements Caches Cerre's detachment Movements in Fontenelle's camp Departure of the Blackfeet Their fortunes Wind Mountain streams Buckeye, the Delaware hunter, and the grizzly bear Bones of murdered travellers Visit to Pierre's Hole Traces of the battle Nez Perce Indians Arrival at Salmon River
He had more goods and supplies of various kinds, also, than were required for present purposes, or than could be conveniently transported on horseback; aided, therefore, by a few confidential men, he made caches, or secret pits, during the night, when all the rest of the camp were asleep, and in these deposited the superfluous effects, together with the wagons.
Gloomy Council.-Exploring Parties- Discouraging Reports- Disastrous Experiment.- Detachments in Quest of Succor.- Caches, How Made.
Hunt now set to work with all diligence, to prepare caches, in which to deposit the baggage and merchandise, of which it would be necessary to disburden themselves, preparatory to their weary march by land: and here we shall give a brief description of those contrivances, so noted in the wilderness.
No signs of other men did they see, though once they passed a rude poling-boat, cached on a platform by the river bank.