CACJCalifornia Attorneys for Criminal Justice
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170) But in view of this competition, the CACJ adopted the
the CACJ relied on a detailed description of the Gulf by the American
In its petition to the CACJ to enjoin enforcement of the treaty, El
But the CACJ agreed with Salvador, concluding the Bryan-Chamorro
254) In support of its conclusions, the CACJ referenced the
Historians have written that the CACJ wrote its own obituary by
paragraph] 390 (quoting the ninth question of the CACJ Judgment).
For more information on the CACJ, see Project on International Courts and Tribunals, Central American Court of Justice, http://www.
Role (n=20) Dispute Adjudication ATJ *, BCJ, CACJ *, 13/20 General jurisdiction CCJ, COMESA, ECCIS, to interpret the ECJ, EFTAC, ICJ, meaning of the ITLOS, OAPEC, 65% law" or to "ensure OHADA *, WTO that the law is respected" Enforcement ATJ *, CACJ *, COMESA, 11/20 Jurisdiction ECHR *, ECJ, EFTAC, regarding an IACHR, ICC, ICTY, 55% enumerated list ICTR, ICTSL of crimes or jurisdiction to hear infringement suits against states.