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Career Paths of the Judges of the CACJ and of the CCJ and 88
The CACJ as an Extension of the National Judiciaries 91
The Central American Court of Justice (CACJ) and the Caribbean
The CACJ interprets and executes the Protocol of Tegucigalpa
establishment of the CACJ, (159) which rendered the 1917 judgment of
But during the period dating from independence up to the 1917 CACJ
judgment, the CACJ found that successive authorities had affirmed
(170) But in view of this competition, the CACJ adopted the
(75) Meanwhile, the WTO's appellate body was granted only a dispute-adjudication role, and it lacks private access, but it has ended up ruling in ways that do compromise national sovereignty whereas similarly designed bodies (ECCIS, EFTAC, BCJ, CACJ, and COMESA) have not.
It is hard to say that the design trend itself has led to an increase in ICs being charged with "running amok." Indeed, a number of ICs with compulsory jurisdiction and private access do not seem to generate controversy (for example, the ATJ, COMESA, the CACJ, and OHADA)--and not simply because these systems are not used.
(49.) For more information on the CACJ, see Project on International Courts and Tribunals, Central American Court of Justice, (last visited Feb.
European 1988/1988 X X Court of First Instance (CFI) Central 1991/1992 X X American (some Court of exceptions) Justice (CACJ) European Free 1992/1995 X Via national Trade Area courts.