CaClCalcium Chloride
CaClControl Acl
CaClCanadian Association for Community Living (Lobby Group)
CaClCastle Clinton National Monument (US National Park Service)
CaClClass Attribute Complexity Local
CaClConcentrated Alarm and Control (NEC)
CaClComputer Aided Cable Listing
CaClCommittee on Admissions and Language Classification (International Association of Conference Interpreters)
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Only CACL and SIZE are incrementally significant explanatory variables for all four models (one and three years before the event, respectively).
Confirmacion del CACL Confirma el enunciado del nino: N: enunciado infantil "Mira, se cae el agua"; M: "Se cae, si".
Additional analysis shows that companies coded 1 for REDUCE have an average CACL of 1.
2 miles) BRIGHTON RETAILER SUITABILITY 1 Waitrose 14% WINNER 2 Sainsbury's 10% 3 Tesco 14% 4 Asda -15% 5 Morrisons -19% BRIGHTON THIS TYPICAL SHOPPER TYPES STORE WAITROSE Wealthy achievers 9% 42% Urban prosperous 61% 21% Comfortably off 19% 26% Moderate means 3% 7% Hard-pressed 8% 5% Source: Analysis by CACL.
The CACL will establish four knowledge networks for inclusion: supporting families, employment, inclusive societal values and ethno-racial diversity.
A third acquisition, in May, Manchester-based computer advisory company CACL, brought in its own clients including Birmingham City Council.
org> electronically or in shape of hard copies, addressed to Zaheer Arif, Programme Officer-Media, ILO-IPEC CACL II Project, P.
The group, which has operations in Leamington Spa and Sutton Coldfield, said it had bought Computer Advisory Centre Limited and Trebledata for pounds 940,000 and a deferred payment of pounds 100,000 subject to CACL achieving a minimum level of pre-tax profit this year.
Description of services: This contract is to monitor the TCSP project CACL, by the provision of dedicated resources in support of service CACL.
For this purpose, the CACL II Project will provide opportunities for the mass media students of selected universities to do research studies and to produce visual media products (video documentary, pictorial documentary, etc.
About Lee's store * SHOPPER TYPES IN CATCHMENT 1 Tesco 2 Morrisons 3 Asda 4 Sainsbury's 5 Waitrose * SHOPPER CATEGORIES THIS STORE TYPICAL ACORN CATEGORY CATCHMENT ASDA Wealthy achievers 27% 17% Urban prosperous 7% 6% Comfortably off 36% 29% Moderate means 10% 17% Hard-pressed 20% 31% Source: Analysis by CACL Call the Market Planning Group on 020 7602 6000
The purpose of this public contract is to conduct air and health studies as part of the preparation of an impact study for the project to build a high-level service bus network ("BHLS") on the territory of the CACL.