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CACMCentral American Common Market
CACMCommunications of the Acm
CACMCollected Algorithms of the Acm
CACMCommunications of the Association for Computing Machinery
CACMCourt Administration and Case Management
CACMChemical Agent Contaminated Media (hazardous waste)
CACMCertified Associate Contracts Manager
CACMCourt Administration and Case Management Committee (Judicial Conference of the United States)
CACMConfused Aladdin Central Members (online gaming)
CACMCanine Agility of Central Minnesota, Inc
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'If government fails to act faster and swiftly on our plights and neglect our call for a Commission of Enquiry, CACM will lead a one million membership demonstration across the country to register our disappointment and zero level of confidence in government, with regard to its doubtful investigations and lackadaisical attitude towards retrieving our locked-up investments in Menzgold, and the general failure of the entire financial system in the country,' Spokesman Mr Odartey added.
Informed consent was obtained from each individual who participated in the CACM. To protect patients' identities, a coding system was developed that excluded names and citizenship identification numbers from the database.
TLC was performed on a silica gel aluminum plate (10 x 20 cm, Silica gel 60 [F.sub.254], Merck) to fractionate active compound of 100 mg/ml CACM leave extract.
En veinte anos no solo aparecio una nueva perspectiva de estudio de la comunicacion en Mexico, sino una de las principales maneras en las que en la actualidad se piensa, se estudia, se investiga en el CACM. Y los veinte anos coinciden con la inquietud sobre lo que sabemos de la comunicacion, para donde se ha de avanzar tanto para adquirir una legitimidad academica, como para poder dar cuenta del mundo que hoy vivimos.
This selection was based after evaluating the performance of the CACM collection on seven different combination of "atn", "Itc", "ntc" ,"nnn" and "atc" weighting scheme.
This is no small technical point; although the Central American Common Market (CACM) has been in place for four decades, historically the member countries have struggled to define unified positions in trade, a natural consequence of trying to reconcile diverse national interests and economic capabilities.
In giving credit to Salton for the vector model, a number of authors cite an overview paper titled "A Vector Space Model for Information Retrieval," which some show as published in the JASIS in 1975 and others as published in the Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery (CACM) in 1975.
Costa Rica is a member of the five-member Central American Common Market (CACM), established in 1960.