CACMSCommittee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (est. 1979; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
CACMSChina Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (Beijing, China)
CACMSComputer-Aided Configuration Management System
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The next step was for a delegation from CACMS to visit Australia and this happened in September.
At least the all-important first steps have been taken by my visiting CACMS in Beijing and the CACMS delegation coming to Australia.
An official invitation from CACMS and the IAM was sent to me in November 2008, and in April of this year I travelled to Beijing to discuss an exchange program.
I flew from Sydney on Monday 6 April and was met that evening at Beijing Airport by Dr Rong Peijing and the Vice-President of CACMS, Professor Jin-Sheng Yang.
During the next few days many meetings were held as well as tours throughout the hospitals of CACMS, the IAM and the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development.
On Thursday 9 April, staff and several heads of CACMS including Professor Yang, Dr.