CACPCanadian Association of Chiefs of Police
CACPCoalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy
CACPCommunity Aged Care Package (Australia)
CACPCamptodactyly-Arthropathy-Coxa vara-Pericarditis syndrome
CACPClean Air-Cool Planet (global warming)
CACPCatholics Against Capital Punishment
CACPCommunauté d'Agglomération de Cergy-Pontoise (French: Agglomeration Community of Cergy-Pontoise; Cergy-Pontoise, France)
CACPCertified Anticoagulation Care Provider
CACPCentral Arbitration Control Point
CACPCertified Anticoagulation Provider
CACPCrédit Agricole Charente-Périgord (French bank)
CACPConsent Assessment of Civil Penalty (legal agreement)
CACPCommission for Agricultural Cost and Price (India)
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The MSP for bajra will be Rs1,950 per quintal -- profit of about 97 per cent as the input cost calculated by the CACP was Rs990 per quintal.
"Comparing these likely agri-GDP growth rates in 2013-14 agriculture year (July-June) with the 2012-13 performance, it turns out that agri-GDP growth is likely to be about three times higher than last year," said a discussion paper co-authored by CACP chief Ashok Gulati.
The CACP is a long standing initiative between Iran's Department of Environment, UNDP and a number of committed international partners, namely the Wildlife Conservation Society, Panthera, Cheetah Conservation Fund and IUCN's Cat Specialist Group.
Chief Jack Ewatski of the Winnipeg Police Service, President of the CACP, stated that the purpose of the Round Table was to "build linkages among national non-governmental associations with mandates in social development."
The CACP wants 1.5 percent of Canada's gross domestic product directed to federal spending on children and families in a "Social Investment Plan." So does Campaign 2000, a national ecumenical and social justice coalition of 85 churches and social action groups.
In the case of Ford's CACP, the simulation showed most valuable improvement ideas such as:
The monthly news notes of CACP contain information and documentation about the struggle against the death penalty that even the best-informed critics of capital punishment have not always seen.
According to the data of Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP), the input cost of paddy is Rs 1166 per quintal for which government has set an MSP of Rs 1750 per quintal that is a hike of 50%, as compared to the MSP of Rs 1550 per quintal last year.
It isn't every day that you see a commitment to domestic casting production that accompanies the opening of a 210,000-sq-ft facility, as Ford did in late July with the official opening of its Cleveland Aluminum Casting Plant (CACP) in Brook Park, Ohio.
The MSP has been increased according to the recommendations of farm advisory body CACP and is in line with the government's announcement to provide farmers a 50 per cent profit over the cost of production.
The decision to increase MSPs is based on the recommendations of Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) which takes into account the cost of production, overall demand-supply, domestic and international prices, inter-crop price parity, terms of trade between agricultural and non-agricultural sectors, the likely effect of the Price Policy on the rest of economy, besides ensuring rational utilization of production resources like land and water, while recommending MSPs.