CACRCuban Assets Control Regulations (US)
CACRCentre for Applied Cryptographic Research (University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)
CACRCanadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation
CACRCenter for Applied Coastal Research (University of Delaware)
CACRCenter for Advanced Computer Research (California Institute of Technology)
CACRChamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic (professional organization)
CACRCorrective Action Completion Report (Illinois)
CACRCycle Audit and Cycle Review (UK)
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He serves as technical committee members for CACR (China Association of Cryptologic Research) and CCF (China Computer Federation), also as the members of ACM, IACR, IEICE.
Those telecommunications services not specifically identified in the CACR and otherwise prohibited by the CACR continue to require an application for a specific license, subject to a policy of denial, such as investment in domestic telecommunications networks in Cuba and/or entering into joint ventures with telecommunications state-owned entities controlled by the Cuban government, officials, or military.
On June 16, 2004, OFAC published changes to the CACR implementing
In a study involving 120 patients, those who were randomized to three 50-minute CACR sessions per week for 2 months in addition to standard treatment stayed in the treatment program for an average of 200 days, which was significantly longer than the 128 and 132 days in two control groups.
The recent revisions to the EAR and CACR coincide with the release of a new Presidential Policy Directive setting forth an interagency strategy to continue with the normalization of US-Cuban relations.
Restrictions on travel and remittances to Cuba are part of the CACR, the overall embargo regulations administered by the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).
Furthermore, parties relying on the general license authorizations set forth in the CACR [Cuban Asset Control Regulations] amendments to conduct business with Cuba will be subject to a variety of new notice and semiannual reporting requirements.
You is a member of IEEE and IET, respectively, and he is also a council member of CACR.
The CACR have been amended many times over the years to reflect changes in policy, and remain in force today.
CACR 12 received the most press and probably was the most difficult to fashion.
This marks the fourth set of amendments to the CACR and EAR since President Obama began efforts to normalize relations with Cuba in December 2014.
In 1982, the Reagan Administration made other changes to the CACR that once again restricted travel to Cuba, but allowed for travel-related transactions by certain categories of travelers.