CACVContemporary Art Center of Virginia (Virginia Beach, VA)
CACVCommunity Art Council of Vancouver (Canada)
CACVCooperstown and Charlotte Valley Railroad
CACVChinese Alliance Church of Victoria (Burwood, Victoria, Australia)
CACVCamallino Armored Combat Vehicle
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In 2003, a novel vesivirus (strain 2117) genetically similar to CaCV strain 48 was accidentally isolated as a contaminant in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell cultures by a pharmaceutical company in Germany (13).
The sequences shared closest nucleotide identity (90.7%-92.6%) with vesivirus strains 2117, Geel/2008, Allston/2008/USA, and Allston/2009, which were identified as contaminants in CHO cells; the sequences shared 73.6%-74.8% nt identity with CaCV strain 48.
Comparison with other members of the Circoviridae demonstrated that RaCV shares the greatest sequence homology with canary circovirus (CaCV) and pigeon circovirus (PiCV) and was more distantly related to the beak and feather disease virus, goose circovirus, duck circovirus, and the 2 porcine circoviruses, PCV1 and PCV2.
The virus, strain 48, was antigenically and genetically unrelated to feline calcivirus, was tentatively proposed as a "true" canine calicivirus (CaCV), and was included in the Vesivirus genus (6).
The sequence (3381 nt) from the 3' end of open reading frame 1 (ORF 1) to the poly-A tail of the CaCV (strain 170/07) was made available in GenBank (accession no.