CACXCarcinoma of the Cervix
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The stable currency corresponding to CACX has many in the encrypted digital currency market, such as USDT, PAX, etc., but none of them have CACX and are closely anchored with traditional financial giants and application scenarios.
CACX's first batch of up to $720 million in special underwriting rights stipulates that each CACX will consist of a package of multinational currencies, not entirely dependent on the US dollar, and its nature is similar to the World Bank's special drawing rights, avoiding exchange rate fluctuations and economic cycles.
Regarding knowledge of Pap smear as a screening tool, 280(52.3%) students agreed that it was a sensitive test for early detection of CaCx as compared to 160(30%) prior to the campaign (p<0.01).
It is worth mentioning that the percent change in the level of knowledge was the maximum for the HPV being a risk factor for CaCx (93%).
In confirmation to this study, women assigned to reading messages related to risk factors, signs and symptoms of CaCx demonstrated an increase in their level of knowledge.28
In agreement with our results, several studies confirmed the significant impact of educational programme to raise awareness about Pap smear as a result of recently introduced educational modalities as mobile phones and media.27,29,30 The value of Pap smear was emphasised in several studies such that the ongoing downward trend of CaCx is mainly attributed to the wide introduction of Pap smear.2