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CACYCommunity Action for Capable Youth (Mansfield, OH)
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Among the techniques with greater empirical support of effi cacy and effectiveness most frequently used, are the techniques of psychoeducation, exposure, cognitive restructuring, or relaxation techniques (Donegan & Dugas, 2012; Hoyer, Beesdo, Gloster, Runge, Hofl er, & Becker, 2009; Ost, Svensson, Hellstrom, & Lindwall, 2001).
dockyard; Sceptical; 4 hospital; construction Great -Isolde; 8 1 batman; Mimetic; bear; Pottage; supermarket; school; 18 28 31 waitress; 5 chauffeur; Illegible; Eft; Effi 10 site; laboratory; 2 cacy; Persecute; 32 Prevailed; steward; chambermaid; dairy; Eared.
super reflector with a luminaire effi cacy rating of 96 percent with adjustable brackets to allow precise aiming.
The role of professional self-effi cacy in the etiology of burnout.
Relaciones entre empatia, conducta prosocial, agresividad, autoeficacia y responsabilidad personal y social de los escolares [Relationships among empathy, prosocial behavior, aggressiveness, self-effi cacy and pupils' personal and social responsibility].
The aim of the study was to compare the antigingivitis and antiplaque effi- cacy of Herboral (herbal extract mouthwash) with the CHX (bis-biguanide) and Listerine (phenolic compound) mouthwashes and to assess the side effects of these mouthwashes, if any.
VICE President of Advo cacy - Terry Reese, MSN, RN, APRN FNP-BC
The soil, after liming and fertilization, showed pH (CaCy 5.60; 17.8g [dm.sup.-3] of M.O.; 93mg [dm.sup.-3] of P (resin); 2.7, 31.3 and 12.1mmolc [dm.sup.-3] of K, Ca and Mg; 31.3[mmol.sub.c] [dm.sup.-3] of H+Al (RAIJ et al., 2001).
A review of the effi cacy, tolerability and safety of sertindole in clinical trials.
Zureikat was nominated by TTN and publishing director Kim Thomsonjointly presented the award with Jeffery and the Boeing company's MD airline marketing services, Jeff Cacy.
Long-term effi cacy of zoledronic acid for the prevention of skeletal complications in patients with metastatic hormonerefractory prostate cancer.