CADAPCentral Asia Drug Action Programme (EU)
CADAPConnecticut AIDS Drug Assistance Program
CADAPCalifornians Against Discrimination and Preferences
CADAPCanadian Association of Diploma in Agriculture Programs
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Presentations included an overview of CADAP activities in 2017 as well as plans for 2018.
All programme activities under CADAP 6 focus on national and regional capacity building, providing policy advice and technical assistance as well as monitoring of the drug situation, prevention, drug treatment and harm reduction services.
During the meeting, the EMCDDA presented its current activities in the area of international cooperation and outlined possible ad hoc activities and support for CADAP in the future.
The EMCDDAs 2018 work programme stipulates that the agency will continue to support the European Commission, as requested, in the implementation of EU drug-related regional programmes, such as CADAP.
CADAP and BOMCA have received a similar budget since February 2004.
CADAP promotes the up-gradation of effective, encompassing drug policies, depended on scientific evidence and EU best practice.
CADAP counters spread of drugs in Central Asia for several years.
CADAP provided financial support to 3 of 8 Atlantis Centers in Kyrgyzstan.
Three prison rehabilitation centres of Kyrgyzstan have previously received support of the CADAP Programme and successfully implement the "Atlantis" approach in their practice.
The overall objective of the EU-UNDP CADAP Programme is to foster a public health approach to drug demand and an interdiction approach to drug supply in line with the European Commission drug strategies.