CADARSChesterfield and District Amateur Radio Society
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Aurelien Cadars, Abdul Wahab Al Hawaj, Basim Al Saei, Jean-Baptiste Lucas, Waleed Kanoo and Jean de Tinguy are members, making a total of 10 directors on the board.
The US Army's Survivability/Lethality Analysis Directorate, for example, employs its Chemical Agent Deposition Analysis for Rotorcraft Surfaces (CADARS), which predicts the chemical agent challenge levels that a rotorcraft may encounter during mission sorties in a threat environment.
Symptomatically, one finds the muddled reception of Sirk also in Courtade and Cadars. They also call him a "Danish director," yet they leave no doubt that Sirk's films belong to the core of Nazi cinema and are part of its ideological orientation.